Nursing and Advocating for Dementia Patients and their Families


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Nursing and Advocating for Dementia Patients and their Families
Dementia and Nursing Policy
In 2008 there were 500 000 cases of dementia in Canada. By 2038 that number is expected to climb to 1.125 million(Kondro, 2010,p.169). The growing number of people with dementia is a major threat for three reasons. First of all the growing number of people with dementia will require more and more economic resources. Secondly medical professionals and caregivers will be required to look after these people. Finally, there is no plan for dealing with dementia as there is no set policy for dealing with dementia patients on a national scale(Kondro,2010, p.169).
Family nurse practitioners are heavily involved in these issues. They are often the ones...
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