Nurses’ Unique Contribution to Patient Care


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Nurses’ Unique Contribution to Patient Care 
When I or any individual needs assistance from a nurse, we expect certain qualities such as understanding or empathy, competence, and most especially how to take action based on assessment. No patient is looking for caring because, even though it is such an essential quality, it should automatically be there without attempting to discover it. The key quality in nursing is clinical judgment because without it caring can go very wrong and it informs the nurse about how to care in an effective way. According to 
 and Nielsen (2009) a focus on patient care is inadequate for nursing education and there is a current move towards emphasis on clinical judgment. I will first...
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.....nt less anxious by listening and taking a deep interest in the person’s problems. Those nursing actions are important. However, clinical judgment allows the nurse to really respond in the manner that the patient wishes and provides the nurse with deep understanding of that person’s needs.  
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