Nurses as the Transition into Practice


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This paper shall discuss the ways in which public policy measures can be used to improve the shape of the field of nursing in the United States.
Nurses as the Transition into Practice
As the Baby Boomer generation nears retirement age, there will be a greater demand for health care services. Nurses act as a primary caretaker to patients that enter the United States health care system. However, America is facing a potential crisis in the years ahead: labor forecasts predict that the number of nurses in practice in the US will not keep up with the added demand for health care services. In order to counteract this threat, policy makers must determine the best strategies to maintain and grow the level of nurses in practice within the...
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.....n the first stage of validation for the efficacy of such a program, New York would benefit from the adoption and implementation of Transition to Practice modules for new nurses. Given the growing health needs of New Yorkers, there will need to be policy decisions that ensure these citizens receive the best care possible. This will not be possible unless there are enough well compensated nurses working in the state.
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