Northanger Abbey, A Heroine’s Coming of Age Story


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The beginning:
Northanger Abbey, A Heroine’s Coming of Age Story
Northanger Abbey, although revised several times and published only after Jane 
 death, was one of first books written by the author. It is a story of a young and innocent girl as she comes of age and learns to navigate the complexities of English society she is thrust into at the age of seventeen. Northanger Abbey is the story about negotiating one's way through the morass of rules that define courtesy and manners. This paper will examine just how successful or unsuccessful Catherine was in this quest and whether Catherine break or abide by the rules of society and the community and of life in general. Does she change or stay the same? The paper will attempt to answer these...
The end:
.....ters of the people she is acquainted with, and comes to the realisation that not everyone motives are a pure and honest as hers. A avid reader to Gothic and romance novels she starts off by imaging herself to be living life of one of the characters to be found in the books but gradually comes to understand that real life is quite different. Throughout the novel she matures and changes yet parts of her character remain the same. She remains honest and unspoiled in many ways, and her initial instinct about who to choose as friends is proven correct. Although she matures in a way that enables her to better navigate society she lives in, she never looses her core.
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