North and South Korea: A Long Dispute


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The beginning:
North and South Korea: A Long Dispute
The dispute between North and South Korea goes back to the surrender of Japan to the United States when World War II ended in 1945. North of the 38th parallel, a communist government was taking shape. To the south was a fledgling democracy. Both sides had powerful support from outside the hermit kingdom.
In August of 1945, the Japanese occupation had ended and Soviets were now on Korean soil. American president Roosevelt and Soviet dictator Stalin had agreed in principle to establish a trusteeship to oversee the political independence of Korea. However, the two superpowers could not agree on how this was to be done. Agreeing to the division at the 38th parallel was a far as they got.
The Korean...
The end:
.....ernational investors cautious in investing in South Korea. However, South Korea does fairly well, and will do well until it is forced to fight another war with the North. All decent nations will offer the south assistance in some form, as the final battle of the peninsula takes place.
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