Noninterference and Abortion


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Noninterference and Abortion
Right to noninterference can be summed up as the general right to decide in connection with our individual well being what is circumstantially beneficial to us as humans and what is not. Noninterference is the foundational argument for Roe v. Wade and in Maher v. Roe.
In Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court protected a woman’s right to have an abortion, but the protection of this right has had some complications. One such complication is the public funding of abortion. Non-therapeutic abortions were funded by the government after the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade.
In Maher v. Roe the court decided that the government funded program Medicaid is not required to pay for abortions. It was ruled that a penniless...
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.....child. Government non-interference protects a woman’s rights in this regard. Noninterference gives a woman the right to self-ownership whether or not the fetus is found to be a person or not.
Holmes and
(2000) criticize the juxtaposition of noninterference. They write, “After all, collectively provided resources are often, for no good reason, channeled to secure the rights of some citizens rather than the rights of others.” What this means is that if the government legislation the right of women to seek abortion then the financial resources must be made available to fulfill a woman’s right to seek a safe abortion (Holmes &
, 2000, p. 19).
Holmes, S. &
, C. (2000). Cost of rights. New York: Norton.