Non-Profit Business: The Keys for Hope (KFH) Organization


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Non-Profit Business: The Keys for Hope (KFH) Organization
Organizational Overview
The Keys for Hope (KFH) Organization was founded a few years ago by recycling entrepreneur Ralph Greenberg in the wake of his desire to participate in poverty relief efforts in the New England area. KFH collects and recycles keys that would otherwise be thrown away, an endeavor that sounds modest but is in fact quite lucrative. KFH claims that 400 million keys are thrown away every year, representing a vast amount of metal. By recycling a small percentage of these keys, KFH hopes to generate funds that can be donated directly to food banks and other poverty relief efforts in New England.
To date, KFH has collected 100,000 keys; thus, as the average key is 9...
The end:
.....als to be of maximum value, they must be attached to a corporate partner whose reputation could taint KFH. On the other hand, if KFH picks a corporate partner that already has a green reputation, such a partner won’t need KFH. So the risk arises from the very complementarity of the relationship.
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