Non-Contact/Minimal Contact Paraphilias and High-Contact Paraphilias


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Non-Contact/Minimal Contact Paraphilias and High-Contact Paraphilias
This paper describes the difference between non-contact/minimal contact paraphilias and high-contact paraphilias. The paper goes beyond explaining and defining each to also offer some examples which outline why the two are quite different. Finally, and most importantly, the paper will end by looking at which one is the more dangerous of the two. As we shall see, paraphilia must be viewed in the form of a spectrum: those at the low contact end of the spectrum are “odd” or idiosyncratic, but not necessarily dangerous – though they can be unsettling. At the high end of the spectrum, however, one finds those who associate pleasure with giving and receiving pain and with...
The end:
.....o betray “odd” behaviour may very well be hiding something much darker that can be quickly aroused in the right circumstances. For such reasons, keen powers of observation when dealing with others is necessary.
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