“No Small Courage: A History of Women in the United States” by Nancy Cott


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The beginning:
"No Small Courage: A History of Women in the United States" by Nancy Cott
The book No Small Courage: A History of Women in the United
States consists of a compilation of historical recollections from Nancy Cott that describes the role women played during various periods in American history. The chronicle of stories helps the reader truly understand the significant role women have played throughout the lifetime of the country. The book begins with a look back at Native American women and their livelihoods, and progresses through pre-Colonial times onto the struggle for independence from British rule. Next, the participating authors consider women’s roles during the early foundation of the United States that eventually leads to the fight for...
The end:
..... of roles women have integrally played while here in America, “as wives, mothers, and housekeepers, but also, for example, as wage-earners, immigrants and migrants, community builders, political rebels, policy makers, intellectual innovators, voluntary organization leaders—women of no small courage, as the title suggests.” As essential as women are to the continuance of humanity it has been unfortunate that historians have not offered greater coverage of the important roles women play around the world. Cott and the authors within the book do an outstanding job uncovering their vitally important roles and duties.
Cott, Nancy. 2004. No Small Courage: A History of Women in
United States. New York: Oxford University Press, USA.