No Bystander Intervention: A Personal Account


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The beginning:
No Bystander Intervention: A Personal Account
On October 22, 2002 a 15 year old girl was gang-raped at a party. This girl was my niece. My sister and brother-in-law left their 21-year-old son in charge while they were away for the weekend having a second honeymoon of sorts. Needless to say my nephew threw a frat party off campus and at his parents’ home.In the beginning of the gang rape my niece was semi-conscious. She had been drinking and smoking illegal substances. She was led to a pool table in the basement where she was told to lie down. She complied and passed out after lying down on the pool table. Four young college freshmen going through initiation to join the fraternity raped my niece.
The reason for the rape was so they would be...
The end: by identifying with another person’s experience with chemical dependency.
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