Newman and Watson’s Theory


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The beginning:
Newman and Watson's Theory
The foundation of the article “Patient and nurse experiences of theory-based care” by Jane Flanagan (2009) is to review a study on pre-surgical nursing practice models of Newman. Newman’s theory changes the way nurses deliver care to patients in a pre-surgical care setting. Newman’s theory focuses on expanding consciousness, transpersonal caring and reflective practices all in a single day. The key changes in Newman’s theory is the praxis process, changing physical space and providing opportunities to reflect. In the study reviewed 31 patients were used and 4 nurses (Flanagan, 2009).
Margaret Newman’s theory of Expanding Consciousness is for those who do not live without the absence of disease or disability....
The end: (Flanagan, 2009).
Nursing education has begun to teach the importance of reflection in the transformation required for healing and recovery by both the patient and the nurse. Reflection is a powerful tool in personal growth. Self-expression according to Newman and Watson provides all involved in the healing process the opportunity to share their experience, explore their meaning in relation to the world and to express their commitment to the process of healing and recovery. Any nurse would be remise if they did not incorporate Newman and Watson’s integrated theory into their practice (Flanagan, 2009).
Flanagan, J. (2009). Patient and nurse experiences of theory-
based care. Nursing Science Quarterly, 22(2), 160-172. [E-reserve]