New Technologies Like the Internet are Changing the Laws of Economics – Or Are They?


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The beginning:
New technologies like the internet are changing the laws of economics – or are they?
                                                               i.      Motivation for paper/why reader should be interested in paper. Some people might groan at another paper that looks at the impact of technology upon our world; after all, the past 15 years has seen a veritable explosion of literature on this matter. Nonetheless, another paper is warranted because the changes that the internet – and the new communication technologies in general – has wrought are profound. Specifically, the internet has changed how we work – more people are working from home than in the past – and has changed the speed with which we...
The end:
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                   and experience             of pricing levers
                                            * Pricing algorithm
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                                              applied with more
Pricing review   * Accountability           * Predictions
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                   predictive accuracy        through constant
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                                              discussion of data