New Technologies and How these Might Affect Child Development


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New Technologies and How these Might Affect Child Development
Recently, a video went viral where a toddler attempted to interact with a magazine as though it were an
. The toddler put her hands on the open magazine and attempted to “flip” the pages by dragging a finger across the magazine’s glossy surface. The toddler became increasingly frustrated when the magazine failed to do what she expected, and the images she saw remained constant instead of changing at her request.
We are all surrounded with new technology every day. Parents have to evaluate how technology can affect their children, especially when such technology has recently been introduced to adults and we are not entirely sure what the effects will be on children. As a...
The end: as are the words contained therein. By replacing these books with tablets, we might cause children to re-define their love for books in different ways. I think it is appropriate to supplement these books with tablet technologies, but I feel as though that little girl who does not know how a printed page works has lost out on something essential.
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