New Strategies for Promoting New Vaginas


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New Strategies for Promoting New Vaginas
Cosmetic surgery becomes a more widely accepted and practiced procedure with each passing year. This is also true of one of the most radical and taboo cosmetic procedures, that of female genital cosmetic surgery, or FGCS. A major contributor to the growth of FGCS is the role of marketing and consumer culture in defining human sexuality. Like any other commercial product, surgeons and clinics market FGCS to their clients by using sex and glamour, as well as other notions of beauty, and these techniques have changed and evolved over the years to correspond with consumer attitudes towards the procedure.
Virginia Braun of the University of Auckland in New Zealand wrote an article addressing the...
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.....e encouraged to explore their sexuality and be “selfish” when it comes to their own pleasure, and FGCS is benefiting from this trend.
Ultimately, as with any product, the media has played a huge role in shaping public opinion regarding FGCS. While the selling point for these procedures used to be as a way to increase male sexual pleasure, the marketing of FGCS has evolved in the past few years to focus, through the media, on the heightening of female pleasure. Clearly, female genital cosmetic surgery is starting to express women empowerment, and not just a male-oriented view of female sexuality.
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