Native American Culture Before European Contact


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Native American Culture Before European Contact
The history of the Americas commenced thousands of years before Christopher Columbus’s first voyage and over that period of time, an indigenous American history developed, distinct and separate from that of the Old World of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Yet, the Native American people were in and of themselves living broad and varied lives. Some Native Americans lived out their existence in dangerous and unstable environments, while others enjoyed immense prosperity; some congregated in small bands, while others inhabited large cities; some believed that the first humans originated from the sky, and others realized that they came from the underground (Boyer et al. 2010, 11). The...
The end: nuclear families. Gender also played a major role in organizing most societies, with women doing the farming and men primarily hunting (Boyer et al. 2010, 15).
They never saw themselves as a single people, rather, the Europeans were the ones that emphasized the differences between themselves and the Indians.
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