Narratives of Christ in Duccio’s “Maesta Altarpiece” and Giotto’s “Arena Chapel Frescos”


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Narratives of Christ in Duccio’s "Maesta Altarpiece" and Giotto’s "Arena Chapel Frescos"
and Giotto were two of the most important and influential Medieval/ Proto-Renaissance Italian painters. Each were commissioned to create artwork that would complement a church or chapel in order to provide visual imagery that helped to focus and compliment the religious services performed in each.
created the
panel painting between 1308 and 1311 to serve as the altarpiece for the main Cathedral in Siena, Italy (
was one of the most important figures in helping to shape the direction of
artwork of his time, as his work ably combined earlier Medieval styles with the new Gothic Italian style in terms of...
The end:
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