Nancy F. Cott in Women’s History


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Nancy F. Cott in Women's History
Born on November 8, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nancy F. Cott has made frequent significant and influential contributions to the field of women’s history as an author, educator, and administrator (“Feminist,” 1996). Cott’s place in women’s history, having been recognized as one of the leading voices in her field for over two decades, was initially promoted by the women’s liberations movement of the 1960s (“Feminist,” 1996). Graduating from Cornell University magna cum laude in 1967, Cott then advanced to Brandeis University where she acquired her Ph.D and through her many works, Nancy F. Cott has been a groundbreaking scholar in women’s history in the United States (“Feminist,” 1996).
At Brandeis...
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.....butor to various journals as Feminist Studies, and Journal of American History (“Contemporary,” 2002). She has also contributed essays, review, and through editorial projects. Her continued research in the once disregarded area of women’s history continues to contribute novel ideas to America’s collective past and enlighten new possibilities of its future.
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