Mythological Criticism in Literature


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Mythological Criticism in Literature
Mythological criticism is a sector of criticism that looks for recurrent universal patterns that through line most pieces of literature. Mythological criticism is an “interdisciplinary approach that combines the insights of anthropology, psychology, history, and comparative religion” (Critical Approaches to Literature 2030). This sector of criticism examines the artist as an individual human being but with a common humanity within them, tracing imaginative systems (that may be either subconscious or conscious) and resemble more universal truths of mythology that cross cultures. One of the central concepts of the criticism of mythology is the idea of the archetype, with is a “symbol, a situation, or...
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.....r lie in the ability to argue for or against a specific issue dealing with a topic. It can be a personal endeavor, and shows opinion as well as research and careful study. At the same time, a critical reaction paper can be limiting, as some opinions are ambiguous and often a more dethatched assessment of an idea is warranted. Still, there is much strength that lets someone express himself or herself through the structured critical argument that a critical reaction paper warrants.
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