Myth of Childhood Innocence and Common Assumptions about Childhood


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The beginning:
Myth of Childhood Innocence and Common Assumptions about Childhood
An article that deals with Jenkins, Nodelman & Reimer and how the NGO deals with the myth of childhood innocence and common assumptions about childhood
This paper looks at the myth of childhood innocence and explores common assumptions about childhood – and how an NGO (such as the one my group is devising) can correct some misguided assumptions that have lingered in the popular imagination for some time. I will consider the sources outlined above and I will argue that our NGO does an exemplary job of achieving the objectives of getting children involved in the larger world and involved in their own self-expression.
Reimer begins by noting that children are often human...
The end:
.....aft stories, to talk about the things in the world around them that interest them, and we want to help children achieve success by knowing that the world is something for them to understand and shape, too.
To end briefly, our NGO is committed to children speaking for themselves rather than having others speak for them; we believe very strongly that children can be encouraged to express themselves and that this will cut down drastically on their exploitation by self-serving adults.
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