My Immersion into the Native American Indian Culture


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My Immersion into the Native American Indian Culture
D. Thomas
In this paper, I describe and explore two aspects of my experience of immersion with the Native American Indian culture. These are (1) my attendance at a Native American Powwow, and (2) my interview with a Native American woman. I add to my discussion with my own thoughts and those of Native Americans, family therapists, and cultural historians.
Part 1: My Cultural Immersion Activity: A Native American Powwow
For my activity, I traveled with a friend from my home state of Georgia to Huntsville, Alabama to attend a Native American Powwow called the Ditto Landing Intertribal Gathering, held on Saturday, July 24, 2010.
My friend and I spent most of the afternoon at the powwow. It...
The end:
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