My Computer and I


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My Computer and I
The ensuing brief essay looks at the impact that the computer has had upon my life. There is little question that I would be lost without my PC: I do all my work on the internet; I surf the net for school-related information; I contact family via the internet; and I work constantly on honing my writing skills via the internet and via my own beloved personal computer. The computer allows me to polish the skills I believe I must have in this contemporary age and I am deeply indebted to it. Of course, for my family, the computer serves other purposes. My brothers use it chiefly to look for swimsuit models and they also use it catch up on the latest sports scores; my parents do not bother with the computer at all. Thus, when...
The end:
.....nt out that each generation is troubled by what it sees as the “break-down” of the family. The fact that the article mentions such things as the economic realities that confronted earlier generations is significant as people often overlook this. The fact that the article takes into account the sad truth that people died quite a bit younger once upon a time is likewise important because it means that marriage was never for very long. Finally, the fact that the article discusses how there were tensions within families long ago gives the lie to pastoral remembrances of the family. Then you must consider that people had poor diets and achieved puberty later in life – which meant late marriages, too. Our current troubles do not appear so unique.