Murder and Homicide Statistics


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Murder and Homicide
There are already 16,204 murders in the United States already this year (2010). In Detroit, Michigan there have already been 34 murders in the city according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports (“United States Crime”, 2010).
The results of the CQ Press’s annual State Crime Rankings covers a two decade period of all 50 states and compares the crime statistics to the national average for murder and five other crimes. Michigan was listed as one of the states with the greatest reduction of crime and specifically murder in the nation (“Most dangerous states: Crime rankings for 2010”, 2010).
Homicide versus Murder
The words murder and homicide are commonly interchangeably used, but they do not mean the same. Murder...
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.....cond degree murder is killing a person with malice which also means there is an intent to kill. Felony murder is when a person kills another during the commission of another criminal act; accidental killing during a criminal act is considered felony murder.
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