Multiple Modernities: A Weaving of Themes in Three Sources


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The beginning:
Multiple Modernities: A Weaving of Themes in Three Sources
This paper weaves together themes found in three sources penned by Eisenstadt, by Huntington, and by Sanjay Seth. In the end, all three writers believe that western hegemonic thought vis-à-vis modernity is under assault; however, Huntington is fearful of where this leads, Eisenstadt is more dispassionate, and Seth appears to welcome the decomposition of western modes of thought.
Eisenstadt is the of the view that modernity in our contemporary world has not meant a shift towards a global society that cleaves to a broad, panoramic and entirely western conceptualization of things; instead, many new sensibilities and cultural programs have sprang up in various parts of the globe that...
The end:
.....avour of the decomposition of western categories of thought?
Why might Seth not be troubled by the collapse of traditional notions of the state?
What will happen to the world if the traditional conception of the nation-state weakens?
What is likely to happen moving forward if different cultures begin to assert themselves?
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