Movie Violence and Violent Crime


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The beginning:
Movie Violence and Violent Crime
Reviewing the literature regarding how violence presented in movies affects people to commit violent crimes reveals that there is a wide range of research data indicating a causal connection between movie violence and violent crime. For example, in their journal article entitled, “The Influence of Media Violence on Youth” Anderson et al (2003) discussed research studies of the effect of violent movies and television, which produced unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behavior in both immediate and long-term contexts.
According to Anderson et al (2003) the data indicates a greater correlation for milder rather than for more severe forms of aggression,...
The end:
In this article, the authors examine and analyze research data indicating that exposure to media violence significantly enhances the aggressive behavior of viewers. They noted, however, that some studies found only suggestive evidence regarding moderators of the effect, while studies conducted in laboratory settings using a cross-section of the normal population of children found marginally stronger relations.
In critically evaluating this source, it is evident that it is representative of the entire
body of research into the impact of movie violence, for it concludes that movie violence enhances aggressive behavior but qualifies this conclusion by noting that many studies find only suggestive evidence or marginal evidence of a connection.