Motivation in the Learning Process


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Motivation in the Learning Process
To understand how motivation affects the learning process it is necessary to understand the subject of motivation. Motivation has two major classifications. There are intrinsic motivations, which define the internal processes that define motivation. Then there are extrinsic motivations, which define the external factors that contribute to motivation. Both internal and external factors contribute to an overall motivation, which affects the ability to learn.
According to Intrinsic/Extrinsic motivation and Hierarchy of Needs (n. d.), Abraham Maslow says, before being driven by internal motivation, an external hierarchy of needs must be met (p. 1). The first, of which is a psychological need to find...
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.....tation of the peoples’ will.
It is easy to see how the power structure desires predictability in an effort to appear as the leadership, which provides direction to social change. However, power structures exist for the purpose of perpetuation and the population becomes merely a tool to meet that end. I feel the current state of society is distressed because of the nature of power structures who are so busy self-perpetuating that respect for the individual is lost. Since Humans are social creatures, a dependence on each other for good health is fundamentally important. Motivation as requirement for effective learning should be encouraged through a positive supportive environment that respects the individual and encourages self-understanding.