Motivation Case Study: Big Brothers of London


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Motivation Case Study: Big Brothers of London
Key Facts and Critical Issues
Big Brothers of London faces a number of issues affecting their ability to recruit and retain volunteers to serve as ‘
’. With a 40% decline in their ability to recruit and match big and little brothers over a two-year period; declining funding from the United Way; unclear roles for prospective volunteers; and, increasing competition for funds and volunteers with other organizations, Big Brothers (BB) must make some strategic changes for their survival (Richard Ivey School of Business [RISB], 1995). The funding is linked to outcomes, specifically matching volunteers to boys in need. While it is easy to blame a recession, job security and transfer issues, and...
The end:
...... This would also meet the motivating factor of increased interaction with others in the organization (Davis, 2000) between
, and most importantly big brothers to their little brother and
other little brothers.
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