Moral Repercussions of Human Cloning


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Moral Repercussions of Human Cloning
In this paper, I will discuss the topic of the moral repercussions of cloning. This topic is currently very important, especially for those who have terrible diseases, because some of them hope that cloning research will provide the keys to curing the diseases that they ones suffer from. It is also very important to those who lose a loved one, or those who are infertile and cannot have children, because it offers a potential way to replace the loved one or to have a child who shares one’s genetics, even if one is infertile. The basis challenge here can be summarized in the following way: are the wonderful benefits that may potentially be derived from cloning sufficient to outweigh the possible moral...
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.....iences about how far we will go to cure diseases and injury. Some solutions proposed to remedy the current situation include getting stem cells from sources other than foetuses, or alternatively just banning cloning altogether, and focusing medical reproach funds on other ways of combating disease. For more information on the matter consult the excellent collection of articles in Ruse and Sheppard, Cloning: Responsible science or technomadness?
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