Moral and Ethical Dilemmas with End of Life Care


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Moral and Ethical Dilemmas with End of Life Care
This paper shall review the moral and ethical dilemmas associated with medical interventions and end of life care. Medical science has advanced to a point where most patients will die in the care of a nurse and intervention options will outpace the ability of the health care facility to provide or individual resources to obtain. The roll of the nurse often caught in the middle of this situation is explored. The future implications are presented and review.
Nursing Moral Dilemma
Medical interventions that save a patient’s life can also be an emotionally rewarding event for the health care givers that participate in the procedure. That everyone will eventually die, however, is the...
The end:
.....nfronted with greater involvement in this area of practice and the decisions and their personal emotional toll on the practice nurses will also only get greater. This is a field of practice that requires additional attention and study to prepare professionals for the future where interventions will not be decided upon practical terms but as matters of economics and ethics.
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