Money and Maternity: Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace


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Money and Maternity: Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace
Throughout my tenure in the workforce I have had the distinct displeasure of seeing federal employment violations first-hand.  However, I have also seen these same federal regulations provide some respite for employers whose employees may have misinterpreted the law.  Such is the topic of this paper; herein I will briefly trace the history of the amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 entitled the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and show how it was used to interpret and resolve an employment dispute which I personally encountered.  Further, we will extrapolate this information and use it to discuss other possible employment scenarios, and how they might have been resolved as...
The end: exist within certain areas of employment law also afford the employer some protection against frivolous litigation.  The PDA is a far reaching and broadly interpreted act, and this is one of the more rare occasions where it served to protect the employer.
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