Modifying One’s Diet Through Contingency-Contracting and Evaluating the Effects


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Modifying One’s Diet Through Contingency-Contracting and Evaluating the Effects
When we are born, we come into this world as a blank slate and it remains open-ended as to how we will live a happy and fulfilled life. The ‘good life’ can be defined in many ways, but often involves being physically healthy and having our need for social belonging met. The latter is particularly important as young adults finding our place in the world, where physical attractiveness and body image can be particularly important factors in social acceptance. The relationship between self esteem and body shape is well understood and has been well studied by Hoffmeister et al. (2010) whose findings indicate that those who are satisfied with their body image tend to...
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.....etes, obesity, high blood pressure, and make you susceptible to heart disease and cancer. Changing your behaviour and sustaining that change can be challenging, but usually worthwhile in the long run.
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