Modern Israeli and Palestinian Politics


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Modern Israeli and Palestinian Politics
This paper will look at two articles dealing with modern history of Israel and Palestine. Cleveland (2009) focuses on the political developments in Israel that affected the formation of the Israeli identity in the period spanning approximately three decades: from 1948 to late the 1970s. Cleveland also briefly looks at the problem of Palestinian refugees in the context of the boarder Middle East region and the rise of Palestinian Liberation Organization. Milton-Edwards (2008) concentrates on more recent events that took place in Palestine between the Palestinian elections in 2006 and 2008. He looks at the rise of
and the consolidation of its power in the Gaza strip.
In Chapter 17 of his text “A...
The end:
.....n. It would be also interesting to look at the reasons behind the relationship between the Arab Countries and the former USSR, a relationship that forced Israel to look for an ally in the USA (at least according to Cleveland). Milton-Edwards work raises two questions related to
. The first one is the sate within
ranks immediately before Palestinian 2006 elections (why did they loose both the election and the armed conflict?). The second question relates to possible
relations in the future.
Cleveland, W.A. (2009). A history of the modern Middle East.
Milton-Edwards, B. (2008). The ascendance of political Islam:
and consolidation in the Gaza Strip. Third World Quarterly, 29, 1585-1599.