Millie’s Mother and my Grandmother


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The beginning:
Millie’s Mother and my Grandmother
In Carol Lynn Pearson’s poem “Millie’s Mother’s Red Dress,” the author describes the regrets that Millie’s mother has about the way she lived her life now that she is on her deathbed. Millie’s mother was the person in her family upon whom everyone relied, and Millie’s mother is worried that when she dies she will have taught her husband and children that they cannot do their own living, but that she, as a wife and mother, was the only person who could help them. Millie’s mother reminds me a lot of my grandmother June, who spent most of her life trying to make her family happy while serving herself last.
Millie’s mother spent her entire life giving herself to others first – her family and friends – before...
The end:
.....e time for herself, though certainly never as much time as she deserved. My grandmother didn’t have a red dress, like Millie’s mother, but she did have a beautiful green one that she chose to buy, even if it was a little extravagant, and wear to one of my uncle’s weddings several years ago. It is this image of her in that green dress, happily enjoying herself at the wedding, that I try to think of when I wonder if she enjoyed her life as much as she should have. Even though Millie’s mother and my grandmother were quite similar to one another, I believe that my grandmother was able to give herself the occasion time and luxury to enjoy herself with, so that when she died she was not filled with regret in the same way that Millie’s mother was.