Midterm Essay Questions


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Midterm Essay Questions
Question 1
E.A. Arnold’s Journalism for Women: A Practical Guide tries to make the differences more about the way women are in the workplace and is more practical, while “Working Girls” talk more about biological reasons for women being inferior to men. Both “Working Girls” and Journalism for Women: A Practical Guide are both products of their time, and have very sexist roles of women. Both think that women have definite roles in life and roles that are very different from men. Their differences, though they are small, should be noted.
E.A. Arnold talks about how women are different, but in little ways and that mostly they are equal. E.A. Arnold thinks that the competition is a tough part about being a woman...
The end:
.....s agreement” might be a safer option, but it doesn’t make society more understanding or tolerant of different types of people.
The film Gentleman’s Agreement is really entertaining, but it really isn’t much of a way to do things nowadays. Back then, being one’s self could be really detrimental, like the Jewish secretary who had to change her name. Today, we are more protected by American and international organizations. Of course, there are still lots of prejudice and danger in being who you are, but only through courage can this change for good.
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