Middle Class Attacked


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Middle Class Attacked
From different political policies and operational myths about economic structure, the middle class is being attacked and is eroding into the ranks of poverty. The political clout of the middle class has dwindled and because of that, the force that the middle class can exert on change has dwindled as well. There are a host of causal issues that has created such a dilemma, but at the root are traditional views of social Darwinism.
The middle class is an inherently transitory group. There has never been an official definition of the middle class and because of that, the growth or the erosion of the middle class is a point of contention. In fact, the idea of a class, which is a euphemism of an economic bracket,...
The end:
.....es to grow and less have more while more while more have less, there can be no evasion of conflict (Meister, 2010). There is no greater evidence for conflict as the resulting end-game for hoarding resources, than the perpetual skirmishes around the globe.
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