Microbrewery Pricing Strategy and Channel Distribution


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This paper shall weigh the appropriate pricing strategy and channel distribution that should be employed by a new microbrewery for its hand crafted premium American beer. The paper plans to discuss various pricing tactics, legal considerations, those involved in the distribution chain, and how to best reach the microbrewery’s intended target audience.
Microbrewery Pricing Strategy and Channel Distribution
A huge determinant of success for any company that plans to introduce a new line of products or services will rely on the effectiveness of its pricing strategy. The company must first research and understand the market landscape to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of its competitors. With this knowledge, the entrepreneur can...
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.....that is happy with the margins the microbrew provides, you increase the likelihood of creating a long lasting and profitable relationship with this business partner. With the distributor in place, the microbrewery can focus its attention on marketing strategy and increasing its market share within the overall craft beer niche.
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