Microbrewery Marketing


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This paper shall discuss the product which is planned to be offered in the marketing plan. The product is a craft beer that will have world wide appeal. The type of product and primary characteristics are reviewed. The product branding strategy is laid out as well as the depth and breadth of the product line. The product and target marketing strategies are reviewed in the context of the organizational strategies.
Microbrewery Marketing
The craft beer or microbrewery market is one of the few areas of the economy running counter to the current downward or depressed trends (Kesmodel, 2009, para.2). The favorable industry statistics speak to the nature of the current economy with many either unemployed, feeling the bite of a depressed...
The end:
....., but without the requisite understanding of the science the product will fail. Again the marketing focus is on affordable luxury which means that the product must live up to the standards of exuding luxury but on a limited budget, so efficiency is an integral part of the product and the organization.
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