Methods to Improve Student/Faculty Relations


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Methods to Improve Student/Faculty Relations
Students’ assessment of an instructor and their classroom experience is based on a number of factors that are shaped quite often by the first day of class, intimate exchanges with the faculty member, levels of intimate exchange, the student’s age, gender and race (among other variables). In this paper, we will synthesize data that supports the idea that early engagements between the instructor and student shape the students experience. We will also show how relations between faculty and student can be greatly improved by how the instructor represents themselves, the course and his or her teaching style on the first day of class.
The Role of the First Day of Class
According to a...
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.....ds as well as “break the ice” with warm inviting emails. Furthermore, the studies also show that the welcoming email has a powerful impact on students and coupled with a positive first day experience students perceive the instructor in far more favorable terms. Thus, professors who wish to have favorable reviews, have stronger bonds with students and a more successful semester should send out a welcoming email and keep the first day of class short and concise.
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