Methamphethamine (MA): A Stimulant Drug that can be Produced in Homes


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Methamphethamine (MA): A Stimulant Drug that can be Produced in Homes
Methamphethamine (MA) is a stimulant drug that can be produced in homes and widely abused in the US reportedly costing the nation about $23.4 billion as reported on the Arizona Meth Project website according to a RAND corporation study (2009). According to the RAND study, 15% of this cost is spent on law enforcement and criminal justice. Other costs associated with illicit meth use include healthcare and social services. The epidemic of this illicit drug use began in the western states of the US during the 1990s and has rapidly spread across the Midwestern states as well. The healthcare burden of methamphetamine use is placed on emergency departments, drug rehabilitation...
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