Message Critiquing and Analysis


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The beginning:
Message Critiquing and Analysis
Message #1:
Email Message
To: David Artese (manufacturing manager)
From: Customer (Asking for specs on the product)
Hello Mr. Artese, this email will be detail items on our product list that will explain what it is we are seeking in your manufacturing methods and processes, which will give you a better idea as to how feasible our collaboration would be in the future. We require for this product specific alloys for the casing, certain plastics, highly detailed metrical measurements, and the accuracy of these measures to very minute fittings. Can you provided these materials and manufacturing specs for this product?
Description Analysis:
This email provides a media context in which the textual details of the...
The end:
.....ckly found out that you have the ability to adhere to all of the specifications. With the general details in place, I would like to make a follow up phone call to you about the specifics of the project. I look forward to verbally communicating with you about ways in which we can manufacture this product, as well as getting a more detailed orientation as to how your firm operates.
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