Mermon Correctional Facility Case Analysis


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This paper shall review the issues associated with the circumstances surrounding the hypothetical case of a murdered female corrections officer at the Mermon Correctional Facility. The three issues reviewed are the problems with prison overcrowding, staffing issues including the use of female officers at male only prisons and the understaffing of the facility, and finally the proposition of placing the violent offenders in 24 hour lockdown. These issues are reviewed and potential solutions are presented.
Mermon Correctional Facility Case Analysis
The previous decades have seen a dramatic rise in prisoner populations, a fourfold increase with prison populations totaling about five hundred thousand in 1980 now finds populations in...
The end: of the current structural defects in the nation's correctional facilities. They are becoming grossly overcrowded with non-violent offenders that may be better served in alternative forms of rehabilitation, they are understaffed, and if needed the prison can be put in 24 hour lockdown of violent offenders, though this is not treatment equal with their non-violent peers they are also of a special class that permits this preventative action.
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