Mental Illness Policy Proposal


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This paper is built on course readings, Jansson in particular and the Logic Model of Coffman.
Mental Illness Policy Proposal
PART I: Advocacy at the Case Level
Mental illness is a true problem in the U.S. According to Joe Pantoliano, founder of “No kidding, Me 2!,” at least “one in every four people in the U.S. suffer from mental illness at some point in life, and one in five people –family members and friends– are touched by it.” (2010, p. 25). Due to this statistic, it could be deducted that, in a way another, mental illness will affect at least one in four Americans at some point, therefore it is important to address this concern before it turns into a problem. People with mental illness don’t have an easy life and, there are a number...
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..... client.
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