Mental Disorders and Psychology


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Mental Disorders and Psychology
     The Internet is especially helpful in making available information about a number of mental disorders. It is not a medium for diagnosis, but there is awareness as well as sharing with other people who have- or whose family members may have- one or more mental problems. This does not mean that anyone accessing this information should try to become an amateur psychologist, but it does help ease some fears, explain some symptoms and even provides where to find medical or psychological help when and if required.
     One might easily begin to search for the proper websites by accessing the website for the Encyclopedia of Psychology, which provides numerous websites, publications and other information...
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.....n you or your child is taking, the doctor may begin a new trial with a different medication. Since everyone is different, it may be that an individual responds better to one medication over another. 
Medication Fact Sheet
Be sure to ask your doctor for a copy of the medication fact sheet to take home and read more thoroughly. If questions come up while reading through the sheet, don’t hesitate to call the doctor. 
Follow Administration Schedule
It is important to adhere to the doctor’s directions regarding the times the medication should be taken. When medication is taken at consistent times during the day, you will have a clearer picture of its effectiveness. Ask the doctor what to do if you accidentally miss a dose or take too many doses.