Men are Just as Good as Women at Parenting


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Men are Just as Good as Women at Parenting
Contrary to popular belief, there is no better sex or gender when it comes to parenting. The view that women are better in facilitating childcare duties than men is nothing more than a product of our traditional societal perceptions of gendered-role attribution. Consequently, with the advancement and progression of equality between men and women in all realms of life comes the progressive and accurate view that there are no differences in parenting between men and women. Even in those families with a traditional dynamic in which the father is the principal breadwinner and the mother is the principle caregiver attribute childcare generally equally between the father and mother. Also, those families...
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.....the woman is a better parent because she is the parent that stays at home with the child is misguided because it does not take into account the father’s contribution in financial childcare duties. This is also disputed by the fact that fathers are just as competent to take on the traditional parental role in a less common family setting where the mother was principally employed. Second, in families where both parents are employed, the overall duties of care giving is shared and collective. Both parents, whether collectively together or allocated certain tasks to each parent, are both important in the care-giving process. Finally, single parent fathers and mothers face the same challenges and rewards from raising their children on their own.