Memorandum to the Fasofurn City Council


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The beginning:
Memorandum to the Fasofurn City Council
From: Director of Planning and Development
Date: December 1, 1976
RE: best practices for dealing with members of city council boards and committees, members of the public, and provincial agencies
Recommendations: It is considered advisable to improve communication between the public and the Department of Planning and Development; it is also deemed essential to integrate the views of city council, chief building official, head secretary, and senior staff on zoning issues and permit applications; bi-monthly meetings involving departmental staff and elected council should be implemented immediately; lateral communication between various departments must also be immediately implemented and encouraged;...
The end:
.....ed meetings with the public.
Contingency Plan: In the event that there is resistance from senior members of the department to the new culture, a variety of measures can be taken: there is attrition via early retirement (not advisable because of the cost involved); there is simply requesting the resignation of anyone who finds the new measures disagreeable (this can apply to the young as well); and there is discipline (in severe cases, suspensions or poor reviews) for anyone who thwarts the efforts aimed at greater transparency. With regards to delays to the creation of a new communication system, this can be overcome simply by urging staff to simply pick up a phone and interact directly with other bureaucrats who offer complementary skills.