Memo: Key Contacts for the December 6 Fund


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Memo: Key Contacts for the December 6 Fund
To: Heather McGregor, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Toronto
Sharilyn Hale, Philanthropy Officer, YWCA Toronto
Date: 12 February 2010
One of the oldest adages in the fundraising profession is that people give to people, not projects. To this end, an important way in which a non-profit organization can raise money is by doing so through the engagement of influential and persuasive people. These key relationships can bring four powerful tools of influence to the table, as described by Cialdini: reciprocity, scarcity, authority, and consistency. But in order to maximize impact, non-profit leaders should learn to utilize these tools in concert with each other.
Uncovering useful people of influence
The end:
.....year, they may be in the next. Once the contacts have been made, it is of great interest to a non-profit to continue building the relationship further. This will allow the organization to determine whether or not this grantor is indeed the right fit for their program, or if, instead, they might have a better chance with another funding body. As well, the relationships built with one grantor made lead to others within the philanthropic community. Just as YWCA Toronto’s Board and volunteer members give their time to multiple causes, so do other people with a philanthropic interest. YWCA may find that the connections it builds with a person of influence will lead to the long-term development of the organization’s list of donors and volunteers.