Medical Ethics: The Case for Stem Cell Research


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The beginning:
This paper shall examine a contemporary issue in medical ethics. Specifically, the author will address the issue of embryonic stem cell research, assessing both sides of the argument to better understand the contentious nature of what is, at first glance, a matter only of medical research. Ultimately, after a discussion of both sides of the debate, the author concludes that the potential value of embryonic stem cell research far outweighs the dubious proposition that embryos should be imbued with personhood equivalent to any living human being.
Medical Ethics: The Case for Stem Cell Research
In the study of contemporary ethical issues in the medical field, few stand out so prominently as the question of embryonic stem cell...
The end:
.....l gains and improvements in human health that should not be impaired by the contention that the long-shot potential of human embryos to be born is morally equivalent to the actual suffering endured by those facing terminal diseases.
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