Media Delivery and Culture


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Media Delivery and Culture
Part I: Catching a reporter fabricating a story: what to do?
In this particular scenario, the writer serves in the hypothetical role of a chief editor at a large metropolitan daily newspaper. A reporter on staff has recently been caught fabricating sources and making up facts, which begs the question of how the situation should be addressed by the editor in question. Looking at the situation, the editor must fire the reporter and he/she must issue a public apology to the readership; there is simply no other way of reducing the damage. Only a public disavowal of the writer’s actions will spare the newspaper legal threats and also spare the newspaper from having its reputation ruined.
In general, it should be clear...
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..... and undermined by each other, too. To be specific, video games are often perceived as undermining our current culture – but maybe those same video games simply give us an understanding of what our world is really all about. In that sense, maybe we should view video games as offering insight into why our world – and its entertainment offerings – is the way it is.
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