Measurement Strategies for Chinese Economic Development


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Measurement Strategies for Chinese Economic Development
Measuring the economic development in China, or any country for that matter, can be managed through a wide variety of strategies. In the case of China, many standard measurement strategies clearly indicate the rapid economic growth. By examining the consistent data of these measurement strategies, the economic development of China is simple to deduce as being one of the strongest of any country in the world.
The article “Come in number one, your time is up” (2007) described how “Goldman Sachs expects China's GDP (at market exchange rates) to top America's by 2027” (p. 12). Undoubtedly, GDP is one of the most prevalent measurement strategies utilized. The high GDP of China...
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....., but it also inherently casts doubt on the often assumed result of growing economies: the widening of the gap between rich and poor. China now produces more millionaires per year than most countries and there are many among these ranks who did not hail from previously well endowed financial backgrounds. Again, the rise of China as an exporting leader has resulted in individuals from diverse levels of Chinese society to be able to join in the economic development and benefit thus.
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