McDonald’s as an Example of a Well-Run Organization


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The beginning:
McDonald’s as an Example of a Well-Run Organization
Thesis: McDonald’s is the world’s most successful restaurant because it has always been aggressive, able to discern what people really wanted, willing to give talented franchisors the freedom to try new things, and because it has modified its menu to head off challenges by competitors.
General purpose
The general purpose of this paper is to show McDonald’s is a classic example of a well-run organization.
Specific purpose
The specific purpose is to highlight the specific steps taken by McDonald’s to become globally dominant. Most of all, McDonald’s tapped into a need people had in the 1950s and beyond and it improved its position by being open to new ideas and by being quick to...
The end:
.....lthy growth around the world suggests that it offers something people from all cultures and walks of life are interested in. Considering its huge profits and its global reach, there is little question that McDonald’s is poised to be a global leader in the fast food sector for many more decades; indeed, now that it has broadened its menu and array of servings, it may end up gobbling up even more market space than it already occupies. The future definitely appears bright for this powerful global chain and for those who are associated with it.
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