Mausoleums in the Islamic World


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Mausoleums in the Islamic World
This paper will analyze the role of mausoleums in the Islamic world and will attempt to discover why so many of these structures can be found Islamic world. Furthermore, the paper will outline the major forms taken by mausoleums and will examine are the sources of these forms.
The fact that mausoleums are examples of magnificent Islamic architecture is perhaps surprising considering the fact that orthodox Islam frowns upon any deliberate funeral ceremonies and finds only the simplest funerals appropriate. The Prophet was buried in a simple manner and it was only in the late 13th century that his grave acquired a cupola. Yet, mausoleums exist in great number and variety all through the Islamic world. This...
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.....ion with the establishment of personal funerary monuments. Regardless of where and for whom these mausoleums were built and in which tradition and style, their religious character was marked by orienting it towards Mecca.
Mausoleums can mainly be divided into two groups in terms of their shape and design. The tower-tomb is peculiar to the mountains and plains around the Caspian sea, Anatolia and Northern Iran. The square or polygonal canopy type tomb covered with a dome was more widespread across the Islamic world and many excellent examples are to be found in Egypt. The origin and inspiration for tomb tower could be attributed to inspiration from the design of the Turkish tent,
temples, Chinese watch-towers and
tower tombs.